Robin Brooks

Abstract acrylic painting of shoreline in broad strokes of black, white, gray, and red
"Schoodic 1," acrylic on paper, mounted on panel, 22 by 22 inches, 2016

"I created this painting toward the end of my two-week residency at Schoodic Institute, Acadia National Park in April of 2016. When fog surrounds the Schoodic peninsula, what can we see clearly? What edges appear, even in the mist? What do we hear, see, smell, and notice? Painting from memory, I chose a limited palette of black, white, and cadmium red to evoke the sound of the waves crashing on cobbles and the morning light and mist of a foggy day."

– Robin Brooks

Photo portrait of artist Robin Brooks
Robin Brooks

Robin Brooks is a visual artist, activist, and tai chi teacher from Topsham, Maine. Born and raised in New Jersey, she moved to Maine in the mid-1980's after completing an MFA in Painting at Parsons School of Design in New York. Her teachers at Parsons were Leland Bell, Paul Resika, and John Heliker, three respected figurative painters. After she concluded a forty-year career in art education in 2020, Robin has rededicated herself to being a full-time visual artist. In April of 2016, she was an Artist-in-Residence at Acadia National Park, During her residency, she hiked, sketched, and painted on the trails and cobble beaches. You can see more of Robin’s artwork from the residency in her Schoodic Gallery on her website.

Acadia National Park

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