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Le Beau Port (modern Gloucester Harbor, MA)

Champlain described:

"We saw some very fine grapes which were ripe, Brazilian peas, pumpkins, squashes, and some good roots with a flavour like that of chards, which the Italians cultivate.

"We saw two hundred Indians in this place, which is pleasant enough; and here are many nut-trees, cypresses, sassafras, oaks, ashes, and beeches, which are very fine.

Champlain's map of Le Beau Port, 1605.

Champlain's map of Le Beau Port, 1605.

"[The Indians] cut down the trees at a height of three feet from the ground; then they burn the branches upon the trunk, and sow their corn between the fallen timber; and in course of time they take out the roots. There are also fine meadows for supporting numbers of cattle. This port is very beautiful and a good one, with water enough for vessels, and shelter behind the islands. It lies in latitude 43 degrees, and we have named it the Beautiful Port."

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