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Public Benefits of Archaeology
edited by Barbara J. Little
University Press of Florida, 2002

Table of Contents

Foreword: The Value of Archaeology

Roger G. Kennedy     xiii

Part I. Finding Common Ground

  1. Archaeology as a Shared Vision

    Barbara J. Little     3
  2. Public Benefits of Archaeological Research

    William D. Lipe     20

Part II. Many Publics, Many Benefits

  1. Heritage, History, and Archaeological Educators

    Francis P. McManamon     31
  2. Hopi Understanding of the Past: A Collaborative Approach

    Leigh (Jenkins) Kuwanwisiwma     46
  3. Neat Stuff and Good Stories: Interpreting Historical Archaeology in Two Local Communities

    Adrian Praetzellis     51
  4. Underwater Heritage and the Diving Community

    Lynn Harris     59
  5. On the Power of Historical Archaeology to Change Historians' Minds about the Past

    James P. Whittenburg     74
  6. Garbology: The Archaeology of Fresh Garbage

    W. L. Rathje     85
  7. Empowerment, Ecology, and Evidence: The Relevance of Mortuary Archaeology to the Public

    Thomas A. J. Crist     101

Part III. Learning from an Authentic Past

  1. Protecting the Past to Benefit the Public

    George S. Smith and John E. Ehrenhard     121
  2. Roadside Ruins: Does America Still Need Archaeology Museums?

    David Hurst Thomas     130
  3. Archaeology and Tourism at Mount Vernon

    Esther C. White     146
  4. Broadening the Interpretations of the Past at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

    Paul A. Shackel     157
  5. Myths, Lies, and Videotapes: Information as Antidote to Social Studies Classrooms and Pop Culture

    Fay Metcalf     167
  6. Project Archaeology: Putting the Intrigue of the Past in Public Education

    Jeanne M. Moe     176
  7. Pursuing the ZiNj Strategy Like There's No Tomorrow

    Kevin T. Jones and Julie E. Maurer Longstreth     187

Part IV. Promoting the Public Benefits of Archaeology

  1. Irreplaceable Heritage: Archaeology and the National Register of Historic Places

    Carol D. Shull     195
  2. Archaeology in Santa Fe: A Public-Private Balancing Act

    Mary Grzeskowiak Ragins     202
  3. Potsherds and Politics

    Terry Goddard     208
  4. Archaeology and the Tourism Train

    Katherine Slick     219
  5. The Web of Archaeology: Its Many Values and Opportunities

    S. Terry Childs     228
  6. The Archaeologist as Storyteller

    Peter A. Young     239
  7. Reaching the Hidden Audience: Ten Rules for the Archaeological Writer

    Mitch Allen     244


Brian M. Fagan     253