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(NPS Photo) View of the landform at Devils Tower National Monument
Devils Tower NM
Sept. 24, 1906

(NPS Photo) View of the sandstone bluff at El Morro National Monument
El Morro NM
Dec. 8, 1906

(NPS Photo) Cliff dwelling built into a limestone recess at Montezuma Castle National Monument
Montezuma Castle NM
Dec. 8, 1906

(NPS Photo) Chunks of petrified wood dot the landscape of Petrified Forest National Park
Petrified Forest NM
Dec. 8, 1906

(NPS Photo) Urban architecture at Chaco.
Chaco Canyon NM
March 11, 1907

(NPS Photo) Lassen Peak erupting in 1914.
Cinder Cone NM &
Lassen Peak NM
May 6, 1907

(NPS Photo) Archeologist records data at cliff dwelling site.
Gila Cliff Dwellings NM
Nov. 16, 1907

(NPS Photo) Swirly design woven into a textile found at Tonto National Monument
Tonto NM
Dec. 19, 1907

(NPS Photo) Park visitors among the redwoods at Muir Woods
Muir Woods NM
Jan. 9, 1908

(NPS Photo) Horse figurines made from split willow sticks
Grand Canyon NM
Jan. 11, 1908

(NPS Photo) Mountain scenery at Olympic NP
Mount Olympus NM
March 2, 1909

(NPS Photo) Several stone cliff dwellings
Navajo NM
March 20, 1909

(NPS Photo) Tall rock formation
Mukuntuweap NM &
Zion NM
July 31, 1909

(NPS Photo) Snow-covered remains of stone building complex
Gran Quivira NM
Nov. 11, 1909

(NPS photo) Face carved into a totem pole.
Sitka NM
March 23, 1910

(NPS Photo) Eroded landforms at Colorado National Monument
Colorado NM
May 24, 1911

(NPS Photo) Young visitors look up at a statue of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
Cabrillo NM
October 14, 1913

(NPS Photo) Fossilized dinosaur head from museum collection
Dinosaur NM
October 4, 1913

(Photo, © City of Phoenix) Hole in the Rock, a lumpy sandstone formation
Papago Saguaro NM
January 31, 1914

(NPS Photo) Aerial view of walnut-shaped canyon
Walnut Canyon NM
Nov. 30, 1915

(NPS Photo) Pink granite shorelines at Acadia National Park
Sieur de Monts NM
July 8, 1916

(NPS Photo) Visitors near protected remains of Casa Grande
Casa Grande NM
Aug. 3, 1918

(NPS photo) Ridges and water-filled valleys.
Katmai NP&P
Sept. 24, 1918

(NPS Photo) A pueblo village on a desert hilltop at Tuzigoot National Monument
Tuzigoot NM
July 25, 1939

(NPS Photo) Overhead view of mining complex at Wrangell-St.Elias National Park and Preserve
Wrangell-St. Elias
NP&P, Dec. 1, 1978

(Photo by Barbara Little) Stone marker commemorating African people at the African Burial Ground National Monument
African Burial Ground
NM, Feb. 27, 2006

French Frigate Shoals (NOAA)
June 15, 2006

Each National Monument established under the Antiquities Act of 1906 tells a story of the nation's past and future. From archeological places to vast scenic vistas to places highlighting important events for all Americans, the National Monuments preserve places and collections that make America unique.

Millions of visitors have experienced the significance of the Antiquities Act for themselves. Find a Park near you to see for yourself how special national monuments can be.

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