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Technical Brief 20 archeological resource damage assessment:  legal basis and methods


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Author's Acknowledgements

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of the following colleagues in preparing and editing this Technical Brief: Wayne Dance, Assistant United States Attorney, Department of Justice, United States Attorney's Office, District of Utah; Barbara Little, Archeologist, Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Washington Office; and Francis P. McManamon, Chief Archeologist and Departmental Consulting Archeologist, Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Washington Office. This Technical Brief is based on the class materials for Archaeological Resource Investigations' Archaeological Damage Assessment class. Archeologists who have attended this class have provided valuable comments that have helped to improve the class materials and I also wish to acknowledge their assistance.

NPS Archeology Program Acknowledgements

We appreciate the time, expertise, and energy the author, and his associates have has put into providing professional training in a wide range of archeological resource protection topics. All of his past efforts have contributed importantly to this Technical Brief. We thank Carla Mattix, Attorney-Advisor of Division of Parks and Wildlife, Office of the Solicitor, Department of the Interior, for her expert reading of drafts and suggestions that have clarified the text. We thank David Tarler and Sherry Hutt of the National NAGPRA program for reviewing and commenting on the final draft. We also thank four anonymous expert reviewers for their informed reviews of the draft of the text and suggestions which have improved the final product.

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