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Technical Brief 21 Peer Review of Federal Archeological Projects and Programs

Scope for the Peer Review Team, Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Tennessee


August 28, 2003


The objective of this review is to assess, at the request of Fort Campbell, the overall quality and effectiveness of archaeological surveys performed at Fort Campbell as technical assistance delivered through the National Park Service Southeastern Archaeological Center (SEAC). In order to make this assessment, the review is expected to consider the purposes that the archaeological surveys were intended to serve, and any other aspects of the projects and the circumstances in which they were performed that are found to have a bearing on the strengths and weaknesses of these projects as they were conceived, organized, and actually implemented. Several aspects of these projects are disputed between Fort Campbell and SEAC.

Other contemporaneous contracts for archaeological services at Fort Campbell, including others administered through SEAC and some administered through other agencies, have not produced similar disputes. The review team should consider comparing the other contracts and their results in order to make comments or recommendations of more general interest regarding the strengths and weaknesses that may be inherent in the general method of IDIQ contracting in addition to comments or recommendations specifically applicable to the contract and projects from which the disputes have arisen.

In order to make this assessment, the review is expected to examine the intended purposes of the contracted projects, the implementation, monitoring, final products, and any other aspects of contract performance and oversight that are found to have a bearing on the quality and adequacy of the resulting studies. The team must independently assess whether or not contracted projects met the goals established by the contracts and how the investigations conducted through contracts contributed to the overall cultural resource management program of the fort.

The scope of the review extends to assessment of the general appropriateness and design of the agreements and contracts used by SEAC at Fort Campbell, the effectiveness of the contracting vehicles and organization, and how future contracts and technical assistance relationships can be structured to be most effective and less likely to produce further disputes.

Duties of the Peer Review Team

The Peer Review Team shall review documents and other materials relevant to the administration, method, strategy, techniques and results of projects carried out through the Fort Campbell-SEAC contract and others at Fort Campbell as needed for comparison. The peer review team also may request other documents that it deems pertinent to its review. Review will include:

The Peer Review Team shall also meet and interview individuals from Fort Campbell, SEAC, related NPS offices such as the contracting office, Panamerican Consultants Incorporated (PCI, the consulting firm that conducted the investigations under the SEAC arrangement), and other agencies or individuals who are relevant and necessary in the opinion of the review team. If meeting in person is not feasible, interviews may be conducted by telephone conference calls or by e-mail at the discretion of the review team.

The Peer Review Team shall compile and present a written report that describes in detail the observations and recommendations of the team (see suggested outline below).

Suggested Topics

Fort Campbell Management of Archeological Resources As Related to These Projects

Contract Organization and Structure

Contract Oversight and Administration

Assessment Topics

Suggested Report Outline

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