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technical briefs

*1. Filter Fabric: A Technique for Short-Term Site Stabilization
by Robert M. Thorne, 1988

*2. Arizona Archeology Week: Promoting the Past to the Public
by Theresa L. Hoffman and Shereen Lerner, 1988

*3. Archeology in the National Historic Landmarks Program
by Robert S. Grumet, 1988

*4. Archeology in the Classroom: A Case Study from Arizona
by A.E. Rogge and Patti Bell, 1989

*5. Intentional Site Burial: A Technique to Protect Against Natural or Mechanical Loss
by Robert M. Thorne, 1989

*6. The Kentucky Archaeological Registry: Landowner Participation in Site Preservation
by A. Gwynn Henderson, 1989

*7. Federal Archeological Contracting: Utilizing the Competitive Procurement Process
by John H. Jameson, Jr., John E. Ehrenhard, and Wilfred M. Husted, 1990

*8. Revegetation: The Soft Approach to Archeological Site Stabilization
by Robert M. Thorne, 1990

*9. Volunteers in Archeology
by Hester Davis, 1990

*10. The National Historic Landmarks Program Theme Study as a Preservation Planning Tool
by Robert S. Grumet, 1990

*11. Legal Background of Archeological Resources Protection
by Carol Carnett, 1991

*12. Site Stabilization Information Sources
by Robert M. Thorne, 1991

*13. Managing Archeological Resources from the Museum Perspective
by Lynne Sullivan, 1992

*14. The Peer Review of Public Archeology Projects: A Procedure Developed by the Departmental Consulting Archeologist
by Bennie C. Keel, 1993

*15. State Archeology Weeks: Interpreting Archeology for the Public
by Mara Greengrass, 1993. (Revised in 1999 for the Internet.)

*16. The Civil Prosecution Process of the Archeological Resources Protection Act
by Sherry Hutt, 1994

*17. Developing an Archeological Site Conservation Database
by Robert M. Thorne, 1996

*18. Protecting Archeological Sites on Eroding Shorelines: A Hay Bales Approach
by Robert M. Thorne, 2004

*19. Archeological Collections and the Public: Using Resources for the Public Benefit
by Teresa S. Moyer, 2006

*20. Archeological Resource Damage Assessment: Legal Basis and Methods
by Martin E. McAllister, 2007

*21. Peer Review of Federal Archeological Projects and Programs
by Bennie Keel, Barbara J. Little, Martha Graham, Mary Carroll, and Francis P. McManamon, 2007

*22. Developing and Implementing Archeological Site Stewardship Programs
by Sophia Kelly, 2007


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