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Figure 10. The Occurrence of Cumberland and Suwannee Points in the Eastern United States (from Anderson and Faught 2000)

This figure is a map of the contiguous United States displaying occurrences of Folsom, Cumberland, and Suwanee/Simpson points. There is a key with deepening shades of color identifying greater concentrations of points per 1000 square miles. Red shades identify Folsom, blue shades identify Cumberland, and green shades identify Suwanee and Simpson points. While Folsom points are at times as concentrated as 75 points per 1000 square miles, Cumberland and Suwanee/Simpson are found in concentrations no greater than 25 per 1000 square miles. The map indicates a total of 1,971 Folsom, 348 Cumberland, 490 Suwannee, and 51 Simpson points.

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