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Ronald F. Lee

This history of the Antiquities Act of 1906 has been prepared to help fill a gap in knowledge of one of the foundation stones of the National Park System. Like a number of other current studies of National Park Service history, its preparation was stimulated in part by the approach of the centennial of Yellowstone National Park in 1972. It is hoped this study will also throw light on early participation by the Government of the United States in some aspects of historic preservation in America.

I am much indebted to a number of Service colleagues for generously reading the manuscript and offering helpful comments including Roy E. Appleman, Chief, Branch of Park History Studies; John M. Corbett, Chief, Division of Archeology and members of his staff; John L. Cotter, Regional Archeologist; Herbert E. Kahler, Former Chief Historian; and Jackson E. Price, former Chief Counsel and Assistant Director. I have benefitted much from suggestions offered by Frederick Johnson of the Robert S. Peabody Foundation for Archaeology, Andover, Massachusetts and J. O. Brew, Harvard University. Dr. Ernest Allen Connally supported this effort from the beginning. I am especially obliged to Robert M. Utley, Chief Historian for valuable counsel and careful and knowledgeable editing of the text. Miss Sharon Jordan, my secretary, typed the manuscript quickly and accurately.

This study is a first in a series devoted to the evolution of Federal participation in historic preservation in the United States designed for use within the Service. The next will trace the origin and development of the system of national military parks and battlefields. These studies are a direct result of the interest and encouragement of Director George B. Hartzog, Jr.

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