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Foreword to The Antiquities Act of 1906,
2001 Electronic Edition

Francis P. McManamon
Chief Archeologist NPS
Departmental Consulting Archeologist, DOI
January, 2001

The Archeology Program, National Park Service, is very pleased to make available in an electronic format Ronald F. Lee's history of the Antiquities Act. This law serves as the foundation of much of United States law for the commemoration, preservation, and protection of cultural resources. Thus, it has very important links to the modern practice of American archeology, cultural resource management, and historic preservation.

Lee's history, originally published by the National Park Service in 1970, has for decades been available only as faintly reproduced copies. Recently, Raymond Harris Thompson and the Journal of the Southwest (Volume 42, Number 2, Summer 2000) produced a print version that updates Lee's text to incorporate information unavailable to Lee. Thompson also, provides a short biography of Lee and an essay on the activities and political process that led to the final enactment of the Antiquities Act, in particular the essential role played by Edgar Lee Hewett in that final, successful effort. Thompson's updating and additional articles are recommended to all.

The 2001 edition presented here is an electronic version of Lee's history. We hope by providing the history in this format, it will be even more widely available and used. We have made a few corrections to the 1970 text, based mainly by recommendations provided by Ray Thompson for which we are very grateful. Frederic W. Putnam's first name is now correctly spelled, not Frederick, as in the original. In Chapter I, the first visit to Pecos by Spanish explorers is given as 1540, not 1544 as in the original. In Chapter II, we have incorporated changes made by Thompson updating information about Bandelier meeting Charnay during a trip to Mexico in 1881. In Chapter VI, the spelling of Monuments megalithiques has been corrected; the reference to Squier and Davis as "Englishmen" removed; and the incorrect reference to Hewett's education in Hannibal, Missouri, has been removed. We have converted Lee's original footnotes to endnotes and in endnote 25 have included Thompson's reference to Lange and Riley (1996) along with Lee's original citation.

Presentation of this 2001 electronic edition of The Antiquities Act of 1906 by Ronald F. Lee has been made possible by various efforts undertaken and support provided over a period of several years by: Robert Grumet, Lloyd Chapman, Kathleen Browning, Terry Childs, Matt Burns, David Andrews, Brooke Blades, Ray Thompson, Liz Johnson, and Bruce Babbitt. My special thanks to each of them for their cooperation and effort.

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