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Why celebrate Archeology? For the sheer fun of it!

If you want to learn about archeology, give an excavation a try, or just connect with others who share an interest in the past, a great way to start is by participating in National Archeology Day. Activities may include hands-on work at an excavation or in a lab, museum programs, ranger-led tours of archeological sites in parks, and much more.

Your state may also celebrate its own archeology day, week, or month. Go to the Society for American Archaeology's state archaeology month resource page to find contact information and web links for programs across the nation.

You can also visit lots of archeological sites and museums all year round. Explore Visit Archeology for some ideas for your trip.

To learn more online before you go:

  • Archeology for Kids introduces archeology's methods and practices to kids and others who want to learn the basics.
  • Archeology for Interpreters explores how interpretations are made and meaning ascribed to archeological resources. Designed for park interpreters, anyone with a desire to learn the more about archeology will find it useful.
  • Exploring Public Perceptions and Attitudes About Archaeology. This Harris poll shows that Americans support the goals and practice of archeology, think it's important to today's society, and endorse laws protecting sites and artifacts.
  • Research in the Parks shows numerous examples of how archeologists work and what they learn in National Parks across the land.

To learn how archeologists bring these celebrations to you, try our technical briefs on state archeology weeks:

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  [NPS photo] Four kids with archeology equipment pose on a wooded path.