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Hey, Scouts and Scout Leaders!

Did we see you recently? Are you following a QR code to learn more about archaeology? A lot of information is spread across the Archeology Program website, and we invite you to surf around.

If you want to learn more about archeology:

If you want to participate in local archeology:

If you are interested in archeology as a career:

If you're looking for printable brochures or handouts about archeology:

If you'd like to see examples of Scout archeology programs in national parks:

If you are interested in the history of the Boy Scouts' Archeology Merit Badge:

Stewardship is a key scouting ethic, one that extends to the care and appreciation of archeological resources. Please conduct scouting activities in archeology under the guidance of a professional archeologist, and remind scouts that unauthorized excavation or disturbance of archeological resources on public lands can have serious consequences. For more information, read about Archeology Laws and Ethics.