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Civic Engagement and Public Involvement

In the NPS, Civic Engagement refers to a long-term effort to build and sustain relationships with communities of stakeholders. It includes interpretive and educational programming as well as the planning process and many other activities. Archeology has a role to play, particularly as archeological projects increasingly involve surrounding communities.

Learn more about the NPS Civic Engagement program here.


Director's Order 75A: Civic Engagement and Public Involvement: Director's Order 75A, as well as the extensive list of resources included in it, provide parks with a clear policy statement on the importance of the relationships between parks and the public. Specifically, it “reinforces public commitment to the preservation of heritage resources, both cultural and natural, and strengthens public understanding of the full meaning and contemporary relevance of these resources.”

Director's Order 28A: Archeology requires appropriate consultation and public participation.