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Celebrate Heritage in October!

October reflects the diversity of heritage in the United States. Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month until October 15, as well as Italian American Heritage Month, Polish American Heritage Month, and Filipino American Heritage Month all month long!

One of the most iconic places of the diversity of America’s population is Ellis Island. Archeologists working there have identified the locations of buildings and landscape features and excavated the material possessions of immigrants. Archeologists working underwater recovered the Ellis Island, a ferryboat that transported employees of the Immigration and Marine Hospital Services back and forth between work and Manhattan, in addition to taking immigrants from Ellis Island to Manhattan.

Oral historians are looking for Filipinos who passed through Ellis Island—learn more in a recent issue of Heritage Matters. Does your family have an Ellis Island story?

Archeology tells the rich history of interactions—and intersections—between Hispanic and Native American cultures in the American Southwest. Tumacacori preserves the stories associated with a 18th-century Spanish mission.

Big Bend and Rio Grande encompass archeological sites ranging from temporary, nomadic sites to mines and farms that describe the history and culture of the Chiso and Jumano, as well as Spanish and Mexican peoples. Oregon Pipe Cactus shows archeological sites in the making due to activities along the border.

If your ancestry is Polish or Italian, your heritage is captured in archeological places ranging from railroads and roads at Yosemite, to the Polish community surrounding St. Joseph’s Hall at Salem Maritime. Observations by an 18th-century Polish traveler even helped archeologists at Monocacy rediscover where enslaved blacks lived on the plantation.

  • Women in traditional Polish dresses march past St. Joseph Hall during a parade. [NPS photo]