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May is Preservation Month

Spring is a good time to think about new discoveries! Many states celebrate archeology during the months of April and May. Go to the Society for American Archaeology's state archaeology month page to find out when your state celebrates archeological discovery.

May is also Preservation Month, when we pay special attention to our historic heritage and the places that represent it.

What can you do to celebrate? Want a great excuse to get dirty? Volunteer with an archeological project.

Have you always wanted to be an archeologist? You could get certified as an amateur archeologist. Many states offer programs for dedicated volunteers who want to contribute to an understanding of the past and have fun and make friends along the way. You can also lend a hand to preserve archeological sites in your own backyard by becoming a site steward.

Don’t feel like getting dirty? You can Discover Archeology through our online features and exhibits and then plan a trip to visit some of the many fascinating archeological places that are preserved for your enjoyment.

There are many ways that archeology could benefit your community. Find out how the community of Alexandria, Virginia celebrates archeology every day. Want more? Learn about “Archaeology and You.”

If you’re interested in how the historic preservation of archeology got its start in the US, start by learning about the Antiquities Act of 1906 and how it led to a century of preservation effort. If you’re interested in laws and policies about preservation, you can find out about the impact of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 and the National Register of Historic Places. You can also find out more about archeology laws and ethics.

Explore, Learn, and Participate!

  • Volunteer helps on excavation. [photo]
  • Image of bighorn sheep from Coso Rock Art District. [photo]
  • Devil's Tower, the first national monument. [photo]