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Celebrate America's Archeology Outdoors!

The America's Great Outdoors and Let's Move Outside programs encourage all Americans to head out-of-doors—just the place you'll find a lot of archeological things to see and do!

There's something for everybody: Participate in an excavation. Go on a ranger-led hike to visit archeological sites. Learn how to knap tools in an outdoors workshop (nobody likes picking flint chips out of the carpet). Wash artifacts in the big tent. You'll get exercise, for sure, but you'll probably learn something that you didn't know about before—and that's good exercise for your brain!

Here are some ideas culled from Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas—where March is Archeology Month—that demonstrate how archeology can get you moving outside.

Participate in events across Arizona, from hikes to see petroglyphs and ancient villages, to open houses at museums featuring flintknapping or basketweaving, to outdoor programs on ancient jewelry and foods. Pipe Spring National Monument and Grand Canyon National Park are two NPS sites with events planned. Chiricahua National Monument (NM) and Fort Bowie National Historical Site will also host archeology month events.

Florida's archeology month events include nature hikes through archeological parks, a knap-in and stone age arts festival, and war reenactments by the Seminole.

Arkansas hosts archeological programs like a how-to on mapping and geophysical prospecting, tours of farmsteads, excavations, and interpretive programs through parks. Hot Springs National Park features a talk by NPS archeologist Dr. Bill Hunt, whose recent work at two historic cemeteries in the park yielded fascinating results.

Want more ideas? Check with a national park near you about archeological activities outside, or check out the Archeology Program's For the Public page for information about volunteer opportunities, events in your state, or amateur certification programs. If you want to do more traveling, check out our Visit Archeology travel guides.

  • Cradleboard making demonstration at Pipe Spring National Monument. [photo]
  • Archeologists at Petit Jean State Park use a total station for mapping. [photo]