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Celebrate Great Outdoors Month!

June is Great Outdoors Month! Get outdoors to do something archeological, like hiking, climbing, or excavating.

Take a hike! Visit Betatakin or Keet Seel at Navajo National Monument, where rangers will guide you through the intact cliff dwellings of Ancestral Puebloan peoples. Wander the grounds at Kingsley Plantation at Timucuan Ecological and Historic National Preserve to see the quarters of enslaved farmers. Circle the mounds at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, evidence of social and ceremonial activities.

Climb a canyon! Learn about the ways of ancient peoples who lived on the harsh Grand Canyon landscape. Walk the route through Walnut Canyon and see homes sheltered by eroded rock. Explore kivas and other structures with a ranger or by yourself at Chaco Culture National Historic Park. Or wander Bryce Canyon and imagine the lives of people who wandered there in the past.

Every state has parks or museums where you can Visit Archeology. If you can't resist getting your hands dirty, join a dig! Check with parks in your area by using the Find a Park tool. Or try our For the Public pages to find volunteer opportunities, events in your state, and other ways to get involved.

  • Hiking with a ranger. [photo]
  • Sunset over Chaco. [photo]