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New Year's Resolutions for Archeology

Happy New Year! At a time when you may be making (and already breaking) resolutions for the year ahead, we hope that you’ll keep archeology in mind. In the coming year, resolve to:

Learn more about archeology beyond excavation. Find out how archeologists conserve sites or curate collections, as well as the techniques they use to preserve sites for future generations.

Learn about archeology’s role in the development of historic preservation. Find out about everyday people—like you—who advocated for archeological and historic sites to be preserved for everyone.

Encourage a kid’s interest in archeology. Help them become a Junior Ranger, perhaps focusing on southwestern archeology at Tuzigoot or Midwestern archeology.

Find out about people in the past and the ways they lived differently—or similarly—to you, like free blacks on a Civil War battlefield, the first peoples in America, or ancient artists whose medium was rock.

Visit archeology in a park near you, and prepare yourself with some background reading.

Get involved in a state archeology month, as a volunteer, or become a certified site steward.

Practice good stewardship by familiarizing yourself with the House Rules for visiting archeological sites, and archeology law, especially the penalties for disturbing archeological sites.

  • Chela Thomas works on preserving artifacts at Virgin Islands National Park.
  • (NPS photo) Kids learn about Archeology at a National Park.
  • Visitors look into the past through Colorado Coal Field War archaeology. [NPS photo]