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It's time to get out and enjoy your National Parks!

National Park Week is April 18-29 and Junior Ranger Day is April 26.

Want to gain a new perspective on our nation's history? Explore the many exhibits and programs about archeology, a field that offers many things for you to see, do, and visit. Join those who already find archeology interesting and useful.

Maybe you like to learn, or are looking for something different to do, or want to know more about yourself and your heritage. Archeology helps Americans in all these ways, and it also provides opportunities to do service learning so that future generations may better understand the nation's history. If you're interested in service learning through archeology, contact a national park near you to get involved.

Archeology helps Americans to understand the past like no other source. How else could we compare the life and death of enslaved Africans buried at the African Burial Ground in the 1700s and the meaning of consumer choices made by a free black family who lived on the Manassas Battlefield in the 1800s? Or locate the massacre at Sand Creek in 1864? See many more examples on our Research in the Parks page.

Are you a teacher? Learn about the applications of archeology, lesson plans, and more with our Teacher Resources. Students of archeology have helped to document tipi rings along the Bad Pass Trail at Bighorn NRA. Many parks have Teacher programs, such as videos or travel trunks. Contact a park for more information.

Do you know a kid who dreams of being Indiana Jones? A number of national parks will offer special activities on Junior Ranger Day. Hike an Indian Rockhouse at Buffalo National River or participate in the Trash to Treasure program at Montezuma Castle National Monument. From home, have your junior archeologist look at Archeology For Kids, magazines, or books.

Do you need a hobby or want to volunteer? How about helping archeologists to identify archeological sites? Many archeological sites are glad to have volunteers to excavate, clean artifacts, and work with collections. For example, volunteer metal detectorists supervised by archeologists at Kings Mountain NHP have assisted in mapping areas associated with battles.

Learn more about parks in your area with plans for National Parks Week and Junior Ranger Day.

  • (NPS photo) The Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem sing at the reinterment ceremony at the African Burial Ground National Monument.
  • (NPS photo) Students record tipi rings in Bighorn Canyon.
  • (NPS photo) Kids learn about Archeology at a National Park.