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Report to DOJ & DOI
Potential for DNA Testing of the Human Remains from Columbia Park,Kennewick, Washington
Noreen Tuross, Ph.D.
Connie J. Kolman, Ph.D.

Table 3

Table 3 is a detailed table documenting the range of radiocarbon dates of the Kennewick Man skeleton. The table is comprised of 6 columns and 5 rows. From left to right the column headers read Radiocarbon Age, Laboratory Numbers, Sample Catalog Numbers, Sample Number, Anatomical Unit, and delta 13 C. The 5 rows are comprised of varying information detailing radiocarbon data corresponding to the column headers listed above. The significance of Table 3 is to summarize the range of radiocarbon dates recovered from the Kennewick man skeleton, 8410 60 B.P. to 5750 100 B.P. For a more detailed discussion of Table 3 refer back to the text.

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