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  Kennewick Home DNA Testing Results  

Chapter 4
Kennewick Man Ancient DNA Analysis: Final Report Submitted to the Department of the Interior,
National Park Service

By D. Andrew Merriwether and Graciela S. Cabana

Appendix 3
Electropherogram 5

Appendix 3 Electropherogram 5 is a 2-tiered multicolored chart. The chart is graded from 0 to 100 and contains corresponding DNA classifications along the top row of the chart. In the chart's second tier, located at position 53 on the graded scale, the letter G is crossed through; also in position 68 on the graded scale, the letter G is circled and the number 16224 is positioned directly beneath it in bold type. The significance of the chart is to document the contaminating sequences for the DNA study. For a more detailed discussion of the DNA study refer back to the text.

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