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Chapter 5
Cultural Affiliation Study of the Kennewick Human Remains:
Review of Bio-Archaeological Information

Steven Hackenberger Ph.D. with contributions by Lourdes Henebry-DeLeon and
Erin M. Shumate

Index to Appendices

APPENDIX 1: Beattie, 1976
Table 1: Age and Sex of Crescent Beach Skeletons
Table 2:Pathologies

APPENDIX 2: Boreson, 1985
Table 3. Summary of Excavated Burials from 45CH296
Table 4. Stature Estimates
Table 5. Cranial Measurements
Table 6. Cranial Indices
Table 7. Postcranial Measurements

APPENDIX 3: Bray et al., 1994
Table 3. Summary of the Physical Anthropology Documentation for the
Human Remains from northeastern Washington and northern Idaho

APPENDIX 4: Bray et al., 1996
Par-tee Site Burial Data

APPENDIX 5: Breschini, 1979
Table 1. Burial Data
Table 2. Metric Measurements
Table 3. Dental Measurements and Observations
Table 4. Non-metric Observations

APPENDIX 6: Butler, 1963
Cranial and Postcranial metric data from the Congdon Site

APPENDIX 7: Campbell, 1984
Table 2: Metric Observations on the adult individuals from 45-OK-159
Table 3: Non-metric Observations on the adult individuals from 45-OK-159

APPENDIX 8: Chatters et al., 1987
Morphometrics sample of the cemetery a Sntl'exwenewixwn

APPENDIX 9: Chatters, 1985
VIII. Osteometrics

APPENDIX 10: Collier et al., 1942
Upper Columbia Burials

APPENDIX 11: Combes, 1968
Ford Island and Fish Hook Island Burial Data

APPENDIX 12: Crabtree, 1957
Table 1: Elements of the Burial Complex
Table 2. Rabbit Island

APPENDIX 13: Cressman, 1942
Appendix A

APPENDIX 14: Daugherty et al., 1952
Burial Descriptions

APPENDIX 15: Dumond et al., 1983
Appendix B: Inventory of Human Remains

APPENDIX 16: Ferllini, 1989
Table 1. Burial Patterns at the Gold Hill Site

APPENDIX 17: Garth, 1952
Figure 40. Archaeological sites superimposed upon a tribal distribution map along the middle Columbia and lower Snake rivers.
Burial Descriptions

APPENDIX 18: Green et al., 1998
Postcranial and Cranial Metric Data from the Buhl Skeleton

APPENDIX 19: Gurke et al., 1981
Burial Descriptions

APPENDIX 20: Hall et al. 1986
Table 4. Summary of dental status by region for specimens aged 15 or older

APPENDIX 21: This number was not utilized

APPENDIX 22: Harten, 1975
Tables 1 through 12: Osteological measurements of individuals at the Braden Site
Burial Descriptions: Braden Site

APPENDIX 23: Hegler, 1957
Burial Inventory and Example Data Records

APPENDIX 24: Iverson, 1977
Burial Descriptions: The Tucannon Burial Relocation Project

APPENDIX 25: Keith, 2000
University Of Idaho Letter Report Pertaining to Burials

APPENDIX 26: Krantz, 1979

APPENDIX 27: Leonhardy, 1987
Table 6: Cranial Metric Observations
Table 7: Cranial Non-Metric Observations

APPENDIX 28: McClure, 1984
Table 2. Frequency of occurrence of burial patterns in Plateau archaeological sites
Appendix A: Archaeological Sites with Burial Features from the Columbia-Fraser Plateau

APPENDIX 29: McKendry, 1983
Archaeological Skeletal Remains found near Clinton, B.C in November, 1982

APPENDIX 30: Miller et al., 1999
Table 4-1. Cranial Measurements of McGraw Creek Skull
Table 4-2. Postcranial Measurements of the McGraw Creek Skull

APPENDIX 31: Minor et al., 1987
Table 6-2. Osteological measurements from Burial 1
Table 6-6. Osteological measurements from Burial 2

APPENDIX 32: Minor et al., 1990
Table 11. Metric and non-metrics observations on neurocranium from Area F

APPENDIX 33: Neves, 2000
Figure 1: Bidimensional graph based on the scores of the two first principal components.

APPENDIX 34: Osborne et al., 1960
Sheep Island

APPENDIX 35: Ossenberg, 1994
Studies in Native American Ethnogenesis

APPENDIX 36: Pettigrew et al., 1987
Table K. II.2. Skeletal Measurements, Feature 2, Site 35JA27A
K. II. 3. Degree of Ectocranial Suture Closure, Feature 2, Site 35JA27A

APPENDIX 37: Rice, 1978
Burial Descriptions

APPENDIX 38: Rodeffer, Rodeffer, and Sprague, 1972
Burial Descriptions: Lawyer Site
Burial Descriptions: Alpaweyma Site
Burial Descriptions: Offield Site

APPENDIX 39: Rodeffer, 1973
Table 1. Burial Sites in the Lower Snake River Region
Figure 13. Burial Patterns in the Lower Snake River Region
Table 3. Distribution of Individual Burial by Burial Class: Lower Snake River Region

APPENDIX 40: Sheppard, 1987
Table 1: Radiocarbon Dates from Marmes Rockshelter and the Adjacent Floodplain
Table 2: Strategraphic Units from Marmes Rockshelter the mean ages and range of radiocarbon ages of each

APPENDIX 41: Shumate, 2000
Craniometrics sample of Male crania from the Plateau

APPENDIX 42: Sprague, 1965
Burial Descriptions, Palus Burial Site, Lyons Ferry, Washington

APPENDIX 43: Sprague and Birkby, 1970
Upper Columbia Miscellaneous Plateau Burials

APPENDIX 44: Sprague, 1978
Burial Descriptions: Lower Tammany Burial Site
Burial Descriptions: Tammany Talus Burial Site
Burial Descriptions: Steptoe Burial Site
Burial Descriptions: Wilma Bar Silo Site
Burial Descriptions: Wilma Bar Bench Site
Burial Descriptions: Wilma Bar Culvert Burial Site

APPENDIX 45: Sprague, 1995
Summary of Native American Skeletal Material held by the University of Idaho and Removed from the Walla Walla District, Corps of Engineers Property

APPENDIX 46: Sprague, 1996
Summary of the Native American Skeletal Material held by the University of Idaho and Removed from lands administered by the Bureau of Reclamation

APPENDIX 47: Sprague, 1997

Summary of Native American Skeletal Material Removed from Private, County and State Lands and Held by the University of Idaho

APPENDIX 48: Sprague, 1999
Recent Burials Excavations in Lake Roosevelt

APPENDIX 49: Sprague, 1999
Research and Publications of Roderick Sprague Pertaining to Disposal of the Dead

APPENDIX 50: Sprague, 1999
University of Idaho Reports Pertaining to Burials

APPENDIX 51: Roderick Sprague and Thomas Mulinski, 1980
Table 2: Metric observations on the adult individuals from 45OK159
Table 3: Non-metric observations on the adult individuals from 45OK159
Table 4: Summary of demographic and cultural data for burials from 45OK159

APPENDIX 52: Stepp, 1994
Table 12. Craniometric comparison to the Gold Hill Population
Table 13. Craniometric comparison to the Nightfire Island Population
Table 14. Craniometric comparison to the Coquille Populations
Table 15. Craniometric comparison to the Lone Ranch Population
Table 16. Craniometric comparison to the Boas Kalapuya Sample
Table 18. Comparison of non-metric trait Frequencies to Gold Hill Populations
Table 20. Adult Cranial Measurements
Table 21. Adult Cranial indices
Table 22. Measurements of Non-adult Crania
Table 23. Measurements of the Maxilla
Table 24. Measurements of the Mandible
Table 25. Length Measurements of the Femur
Table 26. Other measurements of the Femur
Table 27. Measurements of the Innominates

APPENDIX 53: University of British Columbia Laboratory of Archaeology
Collections of Human Remains from Plateau and Coastal Areas

APPENDIX 54: Tasa, 1997
Skeletal and Dental Variation of Pacific Coast Athapaskans:
Implications for Oregon Prehistory and Peopling of the New World:
Excerpt of Bibliography

APPENDIX 55: Tasa, 2000
Databases for the Wildcat Canyon and Crates Point Human Remains
WCCAGE, Age database
WCCSEX, Sex database
WCCCRANMET, Cranial metric database
WCCCRANOM, Cranial non-metric database
WCCDENTMET, Permanent Odontometrics
WCCDEDENTMET, Deciduous Odontometrics
WCCDNTNON, Permanent Dental Traits
WCCDEDNTNON, Deciduous Dental Traits
WCCPOSTMET, Post-Cranial metrics
WCCPOSTNON, Post-cranial non-metric traits

APPENDIX 56: Tasa, 2000
University of Oregon Columbia Basin Osteological Data: Sample Description
University of Oregon Columbia Basin Osteological Data: Cranial and Postcranial metrics
University of Oregon Columbia Basin Osteological Data:Odontometrics
University of Oregon Columbia Basin Osteological Data: Cranial nonmetrics
University of Oregon Columbia Basin Osteological Data: Dental nonmetrics

APPENDIX 57: White, 1962
Table 3. Definitions of Cranial Measurements
Table 4. Definitions of postcranial measurements
Table 5. Sahaptin Male Long Bone Measurements
Table 6. Sahaptin Female Long Bone Measurements
Table 7. Salishan Male Long Bone Measurements
Table 8. Salishan Male Long Bone Measurements

APPENDIX 58: Yohe et al., 1999
Table 5: Cranial Measurements of the Royston Human Skeleton
Table 6: Postcranial measurements of the Royston Human Skeleton
Table 10: Cranial Measurements of the Hardtrigger Human Skeleton
Table 11: Postcranial measurements of the Hardtrigger Human Skeleton

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