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  Kennewick Home Non-Destructive Examination Report  

Chapter 3
Analysis of Sediments Associated with Human Remains Found at Columbia Park, Kennewick, WA
Gary Huckleberry and Julie K. Stein

Appendix A: Table A.6

Appendix A: Table A.6 is a detailed summary table of the comparative granulometric study. The table is comprised of 5 columns and 9 rows. From left to right the column headers read (blank header), n, Mean (mm), Standard Deviation, and Coefficient of Variation. The first column is broken into three sections. From top to bottom it reads Lithostratigraphic Unit 1 particle size mean, Lithostratigraphic Unit 2 particle size mean, Skeleton particle size mean, Lithostratigraphic Unit 1 uniformity, Lithostratigraphic Unit 2 uniformity, Skeleton uniformity, Lithostratigraphic Unit 1 span, Lithostratigraphic Unit 2 span, Skeleton span. The 9 rows are comprised of varying information detailing sediment granulometric and statistical data corresponding to the column headers listed above. Beneath the table there are 2 statements made by the authors: 1) There is no statistical difference in the means and variances of particle-size means between stratum 1 and 2; and 2) There is no statistical difference in the means of span between stratum 1 and 2 (although the variances are different). The significance of Appendix A: Table A.6 is to summarize the statistical data in the granulometric study; It also provides summary statistics of Minimum, Maximum, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Variance, and Coefficient of Variance for the data in columns Mean, Spec. Area, Uniformity, and Span. For a more detailed discussion of the table and the granulometric study refer back to the text.

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