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Chapter 2
Review of the Archaeological Data
Kenneth M. Ames

Figure 8. Distribution of Pre-Mazama Period 1B sites on the Columbia Plateau.

A. The Roadcut Site (Five Mile Rapids);
B. Goldendale;
C. Wildcat Canyon;
D. Lind Coulee;
E Meyers Cave;
F. Windust Caves;
G. Marmes;
H. Wexpusnime;
I. Thorn Thicket;
J. Granite Point;
K. Hatwai;
L. Spaulding Park (Lapwai);
M. Lenore;
N. Upper Terrace, North Fork of the Clearwater;
O. Weitas Creek;
P. Cooper's Ferry;
Q. Shoup Rockshelter;
R. Bernard Creek Rockshelter;
S. Pilcher Creek;
T. Plew;
U. Avey's Orchard;
V. Rock Island Overlook;
W. Kettle Falls;
X. 35JE49;
Y. Paulina Lake.

(image) Map showing the distribution of Pre-Mazama period sites on the Columbia Plateau.

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