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Chapter 5
Cultural Affiliation Study of the Kennewick Human Remains: Review of Bio-Archaeological Information
Steven Hackenberger Ph.D.

Table 1. Chronological Outline 11000 to 1000 B.P.

Table 1 shows a chronological outline from 11000 to 1000 B.P. The table is comprised of 6 columns and 5 corresponding temporal rows. From left to right the column headers are Time Period, Site Name, Mortuary Data, Osteological Data, Investigators, Annotation/Appendix. The left row headers are structured in 200-year increments starting at the top from 11000-9000 to 1300-1000 B.P. at the bottom. The significance of the table is its summary of over 30 key archaeological sites with burials and related osteological studies dated to the early and middle period. For a more detailed discussion of the table refer back to the text.

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