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This technical assistance is designed to be very user friendly. The top of each page is clearly marked with the title and number of the section you are in, and the title of the currently active subsection appears in bold above the text.

There are a number of features that crosscut or are present in all sections. These are:

  • A left navigation column with all the section titles. It allows you to quickly jump between and within sections in order to match the content to your current needs.
  • A sub-menu on the left navigation column that appears for the current section. The sub-menu provides active links to all the sub-sections, as well as to the section bibliography, links page, and review questions.
  • Left- and right-arrows at the bottom of each page. These allow you to move through the site from beginning to end, or through an entire section.
  • Keywords in the text that are directly linked to an extensive glossary. Also a link to the glossary is always available from the left navigation column.
  • A print version of each section, which includes all content sub-sections and bibliography.

Please note that the NPS Internet policy does not permit links to commercial web sites (URLs that end in .COM). Therefore, only links to useful web sites of educational institutions, non-profit organizations, state agencies, and federal agencies are provided.

For any questions or comments about this site, please e-mail the NPS Chief Archeologist.

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