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  Managing Archeological Collections Access and Use Distance Learning


The following links take you to useful web sites that are directly related to this section. Remember, you are often leaving the National Park Service when you go to these sites. Although we recommend them, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of their content.

For examples of online collection databases, catalogs, and exhibits, go to the Links page of The Future section of this course.

Examples of Access and Use Policies and Procedures
Florida Museum of Natural History Use Policy
The Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology Researcher Access Policy (PDF)

Examples of Archeological Public Programs and Education
Alexandria Archaeology Educational and Public Programs
Project Archaeology – in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management
Public Archeology Facility, SUNY Binghamton

Examples of Research Gateways for Bibliography and Archives
National Archeological Database - Reports module
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Online Computer Library Center

Collections Database Standards
International Council of Museums (ICOM)
          International Committee for Documentation
          International Guidelines for Museum Object Information

Intellectual Property Rights
Copyright information – Conservation OnLine
Intellectual Property Rights Action Chart. CRM 23(5): Online Only.
United States Copyright Office – The Library of Congress

Other Access and Use Information
Kennewick Man information, NPS
National NAGPRA Program, NPS
Oriental Museum Collections Management (includes research and public program information)
Partnership Opportunities for Managing Federally Associated Collections (conferences with paper abstracts and discussions)
Joint Statement on Access: Guidelines for Access to Original Research Materials – American Library Association & Society of American Archivists

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