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common ground

The Future of Public Archeology
Winter 1999

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*  Feature articles

(photo) New Mexico's Fort Union National Monument on the head of a microchip.

"A shocking number of exhibit-goers were surprised at the extent of the Native American presence. "

"Mining the Big Dig," Anna-Eliza H. Lewis and Brona G. Simon

*  Headwaters, Part 2: Tributaries by Charles R. McGimsey III

Three legislative initiatives largely shaped the federal archeology program as itís known today. Surprisingly, archeologists were involved in only one.

*  The Future of Public Archeology

Itís been almost a decade since the Secretary of the Interior announced a strategy for preserving the nationís most diverse legacy. Itís time to take a look at the success so far--and the future that might be in store.

*  Mining the Big Dig by Ann-Eliza H. Lewis and Brona G. Simon

Bostonís Big Dig, the most complex highway project in the nationís history, yielded hundreds of thousands of artifacts and stacks of technical reports. The next question was,"Now what?" The answer was a series of exhibits tailored to sections of the city.