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Assessing Archeology Interpretation is the fourth guide in the series, Interpreting Archeology: A Shared Competency for Archeologists and Interpreters Working Together. It aims for archeologists and interpreters to work together on assessing the effectiveness of their interpretive products and programs.

Guide Purpose

The purpose of assessment is to improve upon previous work; as such, assessment is an ongoing process. After completing this guide, archeologists and interpreters will:

Why Conduct an Assessment?

After interpreters and archeologists work together to develop an interpretive product, the product continues to require maintenance. Changing attitudes, new technologies, and world events can rapidly make an interpretive product appear out-of-date and out-of-touch. Interpreters and archeologists should periodically review interpretive products to:

On the next page, you will learn a framework for assessment and find worksheets to download and print. If possible, review the interpretive product with someone else to gain perspective and share ideas about next steps.