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NPS Policies

NPS Management Policies and Director's Order NO. 28

Director's Order No. 28: Cultural Resource Management Guidelines, updates and supplements the National Park Service Management Policies. The National Park Service has detailed written guidance to help managers make day-to-day decisions. The first level, and the primary source of guidance, is contained in the publication Management Policies, last published in 200l NPS management policies must be consistent with the Constitution, public laws, proclamations, executive orders, rules and regulations, and directives issued by the President and the Secretary of the Interior.

Director's Orders may also include updated statements of NPS management policy. As Director's Orders and Handbooks or Reference Manuals are finalized, they will be made available to the public. Until these new Director's Orders are finalized, the existing guidelines remain in effect.

For your information

NPS Management Policies (2006)
This online volume addresses policies applicable to management of the National Park System.

Director's Orders and related documents
Access National Park Service Director's Orders, including DO#28: Cultural Resource Management and DO#28A: Archeology and NPS-28 Cultural Resource Management Guideline, the handbook for DO#28; DO#52A: Communicating the National Park Service Misson, as well as DO#100: Resource Stewardship for the 21st Century.