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Archeological Artifacts Curation Fees Table Long Description

Figure 1 is a table designed to show the results of the informal repository fees study of artifacts compiled in 2007/08 from all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The table also provides comparative information from the repository fee studies conducted in 1997/98 and 2002. The table is composed of five columns, each with a descriptive heading, and approximately 110 rows that correspond to individual repository respondents. From left to right, the column headers are Repository State, 2007/8 Artifact Fee/Structure, 2002 Artifact Fee/Structure, 1997/98 Artifact Fee/Structure, and Year Fees Instituted. The Repository State column is an alphabetical listing of all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Within each state are rows for repositories that responded to the survey. The repositories are not identified to provide anonymity, but the full list of respondents is provided on the Credits & Acknowledgements page. The 2007/8 Artifact Fee/Structure column provides the fee, usually per box or cubic foot, and fee type, such as one-time (in perpetuity or a set number of years) or annual, collected for artfacts by each repository in 2007/08. The 2002 Artifact Fee/Structure column provides the fee(s) charged and the corresponding fee type per repository in 2002. The 1997/98 Artifact Fee/Structure column provides the fees and fee types charged in 1997/98. Finally, the Year Fees Instituted column shows what year the repository began charging fees. In several instances, N/A is used since no fee is charged. The table is significant in showing a range of repository curation fees across the United States. For a more detailed discussion of the table refer back to the text.

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