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Submit Your Own Story

Archeology and interpretation benefit from collaboration. What programs have you developed? What has worked or not worked? Please share your own experiences as a case study. We seek archeologists’ narratives of approximately 1000 words and an image or two in length that discuss their particular perspectives on, and experiences with, interpretation.

You might talk about an experience with interpreting archeology that was particularly important to you, contributed to an overall park story, or you feel illustrates why archeologists should do interpretation or how they might successfully collaborate with interpreters. Feel free to think broadly and discuss exhibits, tours, special programs, influence on policy and planning, etc. Reflect on the contribution of archeology from an interpretive standpoint and as an archeologist.

If you have a clear photograph of yourself in action, a pertinent artifact or scene, or group shot, we’d like to use it with your piece in the guide. Please send high-resolution digital images or, if you have slides or prints, you can send them by courier to us so that we can scan them here and return them to you. (Regular U.S. Mail is not a good carrier in this case because irradiation melts plastic and ruins photographs.) If there are recognizable people in your photographs, then we will need signed permission to use those photographs on the web.

For more information, or to submit a case study, please contact Barbara Little: barbara_little@nps.gov.