Interpretation for Archeologists   1. Introduction   Distance Learning

Guide Purpose

The purpose of Interpretation for Archeologists to help archeologists to understand what interpreters do, how they do it, and why. It provides tools and guidance for developing interpretive products, working with interpreters, and becoming involved in the interpretive planning process. The aim is for archeologists to realize their potential for connecting audiences to the significance of archeological resources by playing a role in interpretation.

After completing Interpretation for Archeologists, archeologists will be able to answer:

  • What is interpretation?
  • What do interpreters do, and how do they do it?
  • What role do archeologists play in the interpretation of archeology?
  • How does interpretation fit into archeologists’ professional responsibilities?

Who is This Guide For?

Audiences for Interpretation for Archeologists include archeologists, cultural resource managers, interpretation specialists, and law enforcement. It will help you talk with professionals in other fields and work together across stovepipes towards improving parks’ communication of archeological resources and stories.