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common ground

Contested Waters
Fall/Winter 1996, vol. 1 (3/4)

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*  Feature articles

(photo) Salvors search a ship in 1909.

"To make a discovery is the dream of most [sports divers]. A virgin wreck is a high-class trophy. It is also the first and last chance to record the scene in a pristine state."

"Shipwreck Preservation in Michigan," John R. Halsey

*  Raising Standards by Gordon P. Watts, John C. Neville, and Roderick Mather

Some are driven by profit or adventure, others by research or legal requirement. Be they land managers, archeologists, or treasure salvors, all must work together or our maritime heritage is lost.

*  Shipwreck Preservation in Michigan: Two Decades On by John Halsey

Great Lakes preservationists have persevered in the difficult legal and philosophical terrain between sport diving and a rich history of shipwrecks.

*  Underwater Archeology in Unexpected Places by Daniel J. Lenihan

The National Park Service is custodian of an underwater world that, in many cases, is far from any ocean.

*  Shipwrecks, Satellites, and Computers by Larry Murphy

Taking stock of submerged wrecks, cargo, docks, wharves, and other remains is a problem for the Park Service--they’re out of sight, out of mind, and all but out of reach. To develop a prototype for underwater surveys, NPS brought high technology to an isolated old fort on the fringe of the continent.

*  Closing the Gaps by Caroline M. Zander and Ole Varmer

The submerged heritage of the nation--indeed, the world--is threatened by gaps in the law.

*  Deep Dilemma by Tim Janaitis and Jeff Burns

In search of a WWII submarine, an ocean exploration firm wades into the ideological fray between preservation and profit.

*  Mutate, Migrate, Adapt, or Die by Toni Carrell

In the author's view, treasure hunting and archeology are competing in a Darwinian contest for survival.