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common ground

The Delta Endangered
Spring 1996, vol. 1 (1)

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(photo) Young Indian girl.

"We explain to the kids why, from the beginning of time in our homeland, we had the mounds. You can feel it in the classroom. There's a sense of dignity and a sense of loss."

Glenda Galvan, quoted in "Native Voices"

*  Native Voices by Penny Jessel

Who are the descendants of the people that built the mounds on the alluvial soil that lines the lower Mississippi?

*  Nanih Waiya: Mother Mound of the Choctaw by Ken Carleton

One origin story says the people arrived at the mound after a long trip from the west, carrying the bones of their ancestors with them. Another says they appeared from a dark underworld. Nanih Waiya is the center of the Choctaw’s creation tales, the Mother Mound.

*  From Ancient Site to Tourist Attraction and Beyond

A teacher tells a jaded group of third-graders they’re going on a field trip to an archeological park. Can the event capture the attention of the video-enraptured?

*  Speeding Ahead of the Plow by Joe Saunders

While the loss of earthworks proceeds apace, a pair of researchers work on ways to learn without excavating.

*  In Search of a Mound by Joe Saunders

Looters already knew the route to the mound, down the back trails and through the twisted underbrush. The earthwork had been eviscerated, its artifacts long gone.

*  Peril or Potential by Hester Davis

The ancients belong to the ages now; what’s left of their earthworks fast approaches extinction. Is it too late to save them?