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common ground

Reaching the Public
Spring 1998, vol. 3 (1)

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(photo) Students reconstruct a 1000 year old Mississippian house.

"I am simply astounded that there is virtually no scholarly literature which addresses the role of North American archeology in the contemporary world. "

"Perhaps We May Hear Voices," Brian Fagan

*  Perhaps We May Hear Voices by Brian Fagan

Our grandchildren may one day know the joy of experiencing the past, and then again, they may not. It comes down to changing attitudes about what we stand to gain--and lose.

*  Center of Change by Harry Murphy

Education is changing today, as it has over the last four decades. A look at the changes through a program in the small Illinois river town of Kampsville.

*  Education: Can It Make a Difference? by Jeanne Moe

Four years ago, the Bureau of Land Management unveiled a new initiative aimed at educating the public. Has it made a difference?

*  A Life of Its Own: An Education Program Takes Root in the Desert by Carol J. Ellick

An archeological consulting firm shows that public education can take place in the midst of highway construction--and be successful at it.

*  Imagining Lowry: A Puebloan Village Rises in Cyberspace by Joseph Flanagan

Modern technology transports us to the 12th century Southwest.

*  Be Prepared by Alan Skinner, David A. Poirier, Douglas L. Krofina, and Pam Wheat

The Boy Scoutís new archeology merit badge presents an unprecedented opportunity for archeology to inform the next generation of citizens.