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Archeology for Interpreters > 4. What Do Archeologists Do?

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How do archeologists know where to look for sites?

Site Discovery and Evaluation

National Register Bulletin: Guidelines for Evaluating and Registering Archeological Properties

How do archeologists identify artifacts?

Interior Collections Management System

National Park Service Museum Handbook

Bill Hunt's Medicine Bottle Glass Index

Handbook of Forensic Services
U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Thirty Years of Historical Archeology in Skagway, Alaska

What happens to a site after it's discovered?

Revegetation: The Soft Approach to Archeological Site Stabilization

The National Association for Interpretation's InterpNET provides a wealth of information for those interested in advancing natural and cultural interpretation as a profession.

How do we preserve archeological resources?

Long-term Storage and Curation Managing Archeological Resources from the Museum Perspective

Council for the Preservation of Anthropological Records

Managing Archeological Collections

Museums and Exhibits

HFC Online: NPS Interpretive Media from Harpers Ferry Center

Exhibits, National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center, Division of Exhibits

The Smithsonian Institution

NPS Museum Management Program Publications