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Additional case studies

More than Digging: Archeology Education at Fort Frederica National Monument

In the spring of 1995, Fort Frederica and Oglethorpe Point Elementary School began a unique program to teach archeology to 4th and 5th grade classes.

Following several weeks of in-class sessions, the students are allowed to dig at an actual site located on Ft. Frederica. The artifacts are taken back to the school, where the students perform post-dig activities such as identification, curation, and cataloging. A classroom has been dedicated and equipped as an archeology laboratory.

Although the program is limited to Glynn County schools as this time, any teacher may get a copy of the curriculum guide by contacting the Chief Ranger, Ft. Frederica.

Use What You Know: Assess Your Knowledge (#9 of 9)

  • Now that you know more about what archeology is and how archeologists work, how might you integrate what you've learned into a talk for adults, children, elderly, or other special audiences?
  • What questions do you have about archeology that this distance learning resource did not address?
  • How can archeological work within the NPS region of your park enhance interpretation at your park?
  • How can you integrate archeological information into your interpretive programs?