51st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Monument (2)

Dedicated: 1906

Location: Just East of the Burnside Bridge

Map Number: 85

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51st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Monument
51st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Monument

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Monument Text:
51st P.V.
by the survivors of the
51st Regt. Pa. Vols.
To commemorate their comrades who
fell in taking this bridge in the
battle between the Federal and
Confederate forces.
September 17, 1862

The 51st Regt. P.V.
was organized Sept. 1861
by Colonel (afterwards)
Maj. Gen. John. F. Hartranft
its leader in many battles and
in this charge.
Mustered out July 1865
Engaged in 20 battles,
18 minor combats and
numerous skirmishes.

Total death roll 314.
Private Charles Keyser, Co. A
5th Sergt. Richard J. Williams, Co. B
8th Corp. George W. Bird, Co. B
Private David S. Hutman, Co. B
Private Henry G. Moore, Co. B

The following comrades were killed:
Lieut. Col. Thos. S. Bell
Private James Coulston, Co. A
Private William Somerlot, Co. A
1st Lieut. David Hunsicker, Co. C
Private David McKane, Co. C
Private Simon P. Emery, Co. C
Private George Mayberry, Co. D
Private John Hallowell, Co. C
Private William Comer, Co. F
Private Henry S. Lentz, Co. F
Private Henry Shultz, Co. F
Private James Dowling, Co. G
Private Miles Dillen, Co. G
Private William Wanrick, Co. G
Private Wallis Wiggins, Co. G
1st Sergt. Matthew Vandine, Co.G
1st Lieut. Jacob G.Beaver,Co. H
Private Isaac Beck, Co. H
Private Edward Bear, Co. H
Private Levi Marks, Co. H
Private Isaac Wittes, Co. H
Private Thomas P. DAvis, Co. I
Sergt. Albert Snyder, Co. K
And 84 others wounded.

51st Pennsylvania Monument on the Burnside Bridge
Up until the early 1960s the 51st Pennsylvania Infantry Monument was mounted on the corner of the Burnside Bridge. When the Bridge was restored and auto traffic re-routed to a bypass, the monuments were moved to the east bank.

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