5th, 7th, and 66th Ohio Infantry Monument

Dedicated: 1903

Location: Directly across the Hagerstown Turnpike from the Dunker Chuch

Map Number: 43

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5th, 7th and 66th Infantry Monument
5th, 7th, and 66th Ohio Infantry Monument

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Monument Text:
5th Infantry
Commanded by
Major John Collins

7th Infantry
Commanded by
Col. Eugene Powell

66th Infantry
Commanded by
Lieut. Major Orrin J. Crane

Tyndale's (1st) Brigade
Greene's (2d) Division
Twelfth Army Corps Army of the Potomac
5th 66th 7th
These three regiments became engaged about 7:30 A.M., September 17, 1862, advanced and drove the enemy from the woods near the Dunkard Church and were in action until 1:30 P.M. Their combined loss was 17 men killed, 4 officers and 87 men wounded, 2 men missing, total 110.

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