Antietam Casualties by Type

Because of the catastrophic nature of the Battle of Antietam, exact numbers of casualties were virtually impossible to compile. The sources for these figures are The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion and the Antietam Battlefield Board.

Casualties include three categories: 1) dead; 2) wounded; and 3) missing or captured. In general terms, casualties of Civil War battles included 20% dead and 80% wounded. Of the soldiers who were wounded, about one out of seven died from his wounds. Over 2/3 of the 622,000 men who gave their lives in the Civil War died from disease, not from battle.

Union, Confederate, and total casualties by type.
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Casualties by Phase of Battle

As the battle unfolded, some areas proved particularly deadly as the opposing armies contested places including the cornfield, the sunken road, and Burnside Bridge over the course of the day.

Source: The Antietam Battlefield Board

Casualties by type, army, and time of day.
PhaseUnion EngagedUnion CasualtiesConfederate EngagedConfederate CasualtiesTotal EngagedTotal Casualties
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Last updated: October 19, 2021

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