Army of Northern Virginia - Left Wing, Part 2

Jackson's (Left) Wing, Part 2
MGen Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

MGen Ambrose P. Hill

Branch's Brigade
BGen Lawrence O. Branch (k), Col James H. Lane
7th North Carolina, Col Edward G. Haywood
18th North Carolina, LtCol Thomas J. Purdie
28th North Carolina, Col James H. Lane, Maj William J. Montgomery
33rd North Carolina, LtCol Robert F. Hoke
37th North Carolina, Capt William G. Morris

Gregg's Brigade
BGen Maxcy Gregg (w)
1st South Carolina (Provisional Army), Col Daniel H. Hamilton, Sr.
1st South Carolina Rifles, LtCol James M. Perrin (w)
12th South Carolina, Col Dixon Barnes (mw), Maj William H. McCorkle
13th South Carolina, Col Oliver E. Edwards
14th South Carolina, LtCol William D. Simpson

Field's Brigade

Col John M. Brockenbrough
40th Virginia, LtCol Fleet W. Cox
47th Virginia, LtCol John W. Lyell
55th Virginia, Maj Charles N. Lawson
22nd Virginia Battalion, Maj Edward P. Taylor

Archer's Brigade
BGen James J. Archer,
Col Peter Turney
5th Alabama Battalion, Capt Charles M. Hooper
19th Georgia, Maj James H. Neal, Capt Tilghman W. Flynt (w),
Capt F. M. Johnston
1st Tennessee (Provisional Army), Col Peter Turney
7th Tennessee, Maj Samuel G. Shepard, Lt G. A. Howard
14th Tennessee, Col William McComb (w), LtCol James W. Lockert

Pender's Brigade
BGen William D. Pender
16th North Carolina, LtCol William A. Stowe
22nd North Carolina, Maj Christopher C. Cole
34th North Carolina, LtCol John McDowell
38th North Carolina

Thomas' Brigade

Col Edward L. Thomas
14th Georgia, Col Robert W. Folsom
35th Georgia
45th Georgia, Maj Washington L. Grace
49th Georgia, LtCol Seaborn M. Manning

LtCol Reuben L. Walker
Branch (North Carolina) Artillery (A. C. Latham's Battery) (left in Leesburg, VA)
Crenshaw's (Virginia) Battery, Capt William G. Crenshaw
Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery (Braxton's battery), Capt Carter M. Braxton
Letcher (Virginia) Artillery (Davidson's battery), Capt Greenlee Davidson
Middlesex (Virginia) Artillery (Fleet's battery) (left in Leesburg, VA)
Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery (McIntosh's battery), Capt David M. McIntosh
Purcell (Virginia) Artillery (Pegram's battery), Capt William J. Pegram

MGen Daniel Harvey Hill

Ripley's Brigade
BGen Roswell S. Ripley (w)
Col George P. Doles
4th Georgia, Col George P. Doles, Maj Robert S. Smith (k),
Capt William H. Willis
44th Georgia, Capt John C. Key
1st North Carolina, LtCol Hamilton A. Brown
3rd North Carolina, Col William L. De Rosset (w), Maj Stephen D. Thruston (w)

Rodes' Brigade
BGen Robert E. Rodes (w)
3d Alabama, Col Cullen A. Battle
5th Alabama, Maj Edwin L. Hobson
6th Alabama, Col John B. Gordon (w), LtCol James.N. Lightfoot (w)
12th Alabama, Col Bristor B. Gayle (k, 9/14), LtCol Samuel B. Pickens (w, 9/14),
Capt Tucker (k), Capt Maroney (w), Capt Adolph Proskauer (w)
26th Alabama, Col Edward A. O'Neal (w)

Garland's Brigade
BGen Samuel Garland, Jr. (k, 9/14)
Col D. K. McRae (w)
5th North Carolina, Col D. K. McRae (w), Capt Thomas M. Garrett
12th North Carolina, Capt S. Snow
13th North Carolina, LtCol Thomas Ruffin, Jr. (w), Capt J. H. Hyman
20th North Carolina, Col Alfred Iverson
23rd North Carolina, Col Daniel H. Christie

Anderson's Brigade
BGen George B. Anderson (mw)
Col R. T. Bennett (w)
2nd North Carolina, Col C. C. Tew (k), Capt G. M. Roberts
4th North Carolina, Col Bryan Grimes, Capt W. T. Marsh (k),
Capt D. P. Latham (k)
14th North Carolina, Col R. T. Bennett
30th North Carolina, Col F. M. Parker (w), Maj W. W. Sillers

Colquitt's Brigade
Col Alfred H. Colquitt
13th Alabama, Col Birkett D. Fry (w), LtCol W. H. Betts (w)
6th Georgia, LtCol James M. Newton (k), Maj Philemon Tracy (mw),
Lt E. P. Bennett
23rd Georgia, Col W. P. Barclay (k), LtCol Emory F. Best (w),
Maj James H. Huggins (w)
27th Georgia, Col Levi B. Smith (k), LtCol Charles Thorton Zachry (w),
Capt William H. Rentfro
28th Georgia, Maj Tully Graybill (w), Capt N.J. Garrison (w),
Capt George W. Warthen

Major Scipio Pierson
Hardaway's (Alabama) Battery, Capt Robert A. Hardaway
Jefferson Davis (Alabama) Artillery, Capt James W. Bondurant
Jones' (Virginia) Battery, Capt William B. Jones
King William (Virginia) Artillery, Capt Thomas H. Carter

Notes of Abbreviations:

Lt = Lietutenant
Capt = Captain
Maj = Major
LtCol = Lieutenant Colonel
Col = Colonel
BGen = Brigadier General
MGen = Major General

(w) = wounded
(mw) = mortally wounded
(k) = killed
(c) = captured
Unless otherwise noted, casualities occured on September 17th.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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