Teaching Materials

This page contains both on-site and classroom teaching materials. These documents will provide you with information about the Battle of Antietam and provide you with lessons and activities that supplement your study of the battle.

Teacher-Led Tour Materials

"Antietam: People and Places" Self-guided Driving Tour Guide (pdf, 6.5 MB, 23 pages).

"Contradictions and Divided Loyalties: Slavery on the Antietam Battleground." Self-guided Driving Tour Guide (pdf, 2.3 MB, 10 pages).

Lesson Plans

Antietam Then and Now, Grades 3-4

The Bloodiest Day in American History -- Hope for Freedom, Grades 6-8

Teaching with Historic Places-War at Your Doorstep: The Story of the Mumma Family at the Battle of Antietam, Grades 6-8

Freedom at Antietam, Grades 9-12

Women in the Civil War, Grades 9-12

Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Scavenger Hunt (pdf, 501 KB, 3 pages).

On-Site Teacher Led Activities

Mumma/Roulette Farm Education Trail Guide (pdf, 3.4 MB, 37 pages).

Mumma Cemetery Exploration Worksheet (pdf, 909 KB, 4 pages).

10 page "Interview a Monument" Worksheet and Background Materials (pdf, 760 KB).

Antietam National Cemetery Teacher Packet (pdf, 8 MB, 34 pages).

Antietam National Cemetery Student packet (pdf, 1.8 MB, 6 pages).

Primary Sources

Antietam: Letters and Diaries of Soldiers and Civilians

Eyewitness to Battle

Digital/Audio Visual Materials

Antietam PowerPoint Presentation (12 mb).

Watch a 6-minute YouTube Video where park rangers describe the battle.

Virtual Tour-Take a virtual tour of Antietam Battlefield

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