A man defies gravity and and dunks a basketball.


There's room to play here at Anacostia Park! Whether you want to shoot hoops, play tennis, or use the playing fields, you'll find it all.


  • 3 full size courts and 2 half courts are next to the skating pavilion at 1500 Anacostia Ave. SE
  • 2 full size courts are at Anacostia Ave. NE & Benning Road NE.


  • Nine courts are at 1800 Anacostia Drive SE, next to the swimming pool.
  • Two courts are at Anacostia Ave. NE & Benning Road NE

  • Anacostia Drive SE & Good Hope Rd. SE
  • Next to the swimming pool at 1800 Anacostia Drive SE
Three people play flag football.


Playing Fields

If you're looking a place to play ultimate frisbee, flag football, or just to toss the ball around, there are several large, mowed areas you can use around the swimming pool and the skating pavilion.


Last updated: April 10, 2015

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