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Anacostia Park and Kenilworth Park Athletic and Picnic Fields

Submit completed applications to National Capital Parks-East, 1900 Anacostia Dr., SE, Washington, DC 20020.

Visit us in person on Wednesdays, from 9 am to 2 pm, at the National Capital Parks-East headquarters building (1900 Anacostia Drive, SE, Washington, DC 20020) for in-person applications and payments.

The National Capital Area permits office handles all other permit applications, including demonstrations, special events, and commercial filming and photography.



There are a variety of activities and events that can be held at Anacostia Park that require permitting of some form. Below are some of the more popular activities with information on how to acquire the needed permits. All permitted activities must follow certain the rules and regulations set forth within the superintendent's compendium.


River Terrace and the North field can be reserved with a Special Use Permit for group picnics. Maximum group size for picnics is 300 people.

Sport and Field Use

Leagues and camps can reserve fields and courts with a Special Use Permit. Facilities are available for softball, soccer, basketball, tennis, ultimate, and numerous other sporting types and events. The maximum duration of sports and field use permits is 3 months. Each field or facility requires its own permit application. Permitted activities will be postponed or canceled due to inclement weather or poor turf conditions.

Commercial Filming and Photography

Commercial filming and photography is allowed under certain stipulations in Anacostia Park. Commercial filming and photography activities must obtain a separate permit from other permitted activities. Permits can be obtained from the National Capital Region Permits Office.

Special Events

Many community events, demonstrations, educational activities, and athletic competitions can be held at Anacostia Park after obtaining a permit. All permitted events must maintain a balance of the public interest between daily visitor needs and special event needs. Permit applications are available at the National Capital Region Permits Office. Please contact Anacostia Park staff with any questions regarding the permitting process or what activities can be hosted in the park.

Weddings and Other Ceremonies

Visitors can obtain a permit for ceremonies like weddings with a Special Use Permit. Ceremonies are only allowed at the River Terrace.

Special and Other Uses

All parks are part of the community around them, and certain activities can have an impact on park resources. These activities often involve access, infrastructure, or research. Permitting needs for these activities can be very specific and require close coordination between the permittee and the park. Research permits go through the National Park Service Research Permit and Reporting System. For any activities concerning access, construction, ground disturbance, or commercial vehicle use, please complete a Special Use Permit Application and contact National Capital Parks-East headquarters at (202) 690-5185. For right-of-way permits, including those involving utilities, please contact the National Capital Region right-of-way coordinator.

Skate Pavilion

The Anacostia Skate Pavilion allows only skate related permitted activities between the peak season from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Other special events can be permitted outside of the peak season. Applications to use the Skate Pavilion are available through the National Capital Region Permits Office.

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If you have any questions about the permitting process or if a permit is required for your activity, please contact park staff at (202) 690-5152.

Last updated: September 20, 2022

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