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America's Best Idea Today. In National Parks And In Your Neighborhood.

Fresh air – some fun – and before you know it – a healthier mind and body. The National Park Service works with communities across the country to preserve green space and create trails so families can stay close to home and still have places to walk, bike, paddle, and breathe deeply. The NPS Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program has a national partnership with the YMCA that makes it easy, through links on the YMCA website, to find a national park or a trail close to you and to your local Y, like Bath Trails in Maine where young and old come out to enjoy the trail. Corita Waters, a National Park Service outdoor recreation planner, knows firsthand the benefits of these programs. “As a busy mom, I appreciate having nature nearby, where I can take my son outdoors any day throughout the seasons to help him learn, have fun, and explore,” says Corita. “It makes me proud that the NPS helps communities create great, family places.”

Today, the National Park Service is helping people in nearly 300 communities across America get outside and live healthier, more active, happier lives – making America’s Best Idea even better.

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How Can You Help Promote Health

Visit. Find a park to visit »

Take a hike on one of more than 1,000 national recreation trails across the country.

Volunteer. Find more volunteer opportunities »

Offer your time and talents to work with the NPS or one of our RTCA partners.

Donate. Find a park to support »

Support a project in your community.

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Practice healthy outdoor living.

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