All weddings at Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site will take place here, in the park amphitheater. Please note there is no indoor option in the event of either rain or other inclement weather.



Special use permits are required for any activity that provides a benefit to an individual group or organization rather than the public at large. A permit is also required for an activity that was neither initiated, sponsored, nor conducted by the National Park Service that is disruptive or potentially disruptive to normal park operations.

Please note that all weddings at Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site will take place outdoors in the park amphitheater; there is no option to move indoors in the event of either rain or other inclement weather. Please click on the link for a map of wedding parking spaces. Those attending weddings are asked to park in the spots shaded in yellow and not take up spots designated for general park visitors.

A $50 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with the application form for the application to be considered. If the permit is approved and issued, additional fees will be charged to recover costs incurred by the National Park Service for administering the permitted activity.

If you are unsure if the activity you have planned requires a special use permit please call the special use permit coordinator, Mary Ellen Snyder at 724-329-8131.

The links below take one to the most commonly used Special Use Permits for Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site. Find the Special Use Permit needed, print blank form, complete with pen, sign and mail it in to:

Fort Necessity National Battlefield
c/o Special Permit Coordinator
One Washington Parkway
Farmington, PA 15437

10-930s Application for SUP-Short Form: the most commonly used application for special use permits.
10-931-Commercial Filming and Still Photography Short Form: used for simple commerical filming and still photography situations.
10-932-Commercial Filming and Still Photography Long Form: most detailed application for commercial filming and still photography for more typical park uses.

Please note, the applications will not be processed until the application fee is paid unless the superintendent has granted a waiver.

Attention Photographers: wedding parties, family reunions, and graduates don't need a commercial photography special use permit unless:
1. They are using multiple props in the photo (and items they can hold in their hand like flowers don't count as a prop) and/or
2. They are setting up photography equipment like lights, screens, big tripods, constructing a set ( IE. items that could get in the way of regular visitors) and/or
3. They are using paid models (wedding parties, graduates and family reunion folks are not considered models since they are not being paid to be in the photo) and/or
4. The photos they are taking will be used to advertise a product and/or
5. The photo will be taken at a location in the park that is normally closed to visitors
6. Or taking the photo in the chosen location would cause an unsafe situation i.e. a photographer is not allowed to stand a wedding party so that they block a doorway or block a stairway, impeding regular visitor traffic.
If any of the above six criteria are met, the photographer will probably need a special use permit.
For further clarification and more information, please contact, the special use permit coordinator, Mary Ellen Snyder at 724-329-8131.
Special Use Permit applications involving any natural or cultural resource disturbance must provide a location map and Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory Environmental Review (PNDI) receipt for Threatened and Endangered Species. The park is responsible for completing NEPA and Section 106 reviews and the applicant should allow adequate time for those reviews to take place after the permit application has been received by the Park staff. For more information contact MaryEllen Snyder, Special Use Permit Coordinator at 724-329-8131 or e-mail Ms. Snyder at

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