Portage Workers

These names come from pay records on file at the Blair County Historical Society, Altoona, Pennsylvania. There are many other records scattered throughout Pennsylvania that we hope to one day review. That review will certainly change and add to this information.

Last Name, First Name Notes regarding job/payment record

Allenbaugh,Henry laborer, woodshed plane 2
Arbel, Henry asst engineer plane 8
Arbel, William engineer plane 8
Aushutz, Oliver R. engineer plane 6

Bard, Henry laborer plane 8
Baughman, Cornelius fireman plane 1 (also written C. R.)
Beach, George laborer
Bentley, David asst engineer plane 8
Berrin, James finisher, Johnstown depot
Bissett, David E. engineer plane 2
Black, John foreman riggers loft
Black, Matthew laborer riggers loft
Blair, John laborer, woodshed plane 1
Bodely, Joseph sign w/x, laborer
Bogan, Gilbert laborer
Bolen, Conrad laborer
Bougher, John engineer plane 1
Boulton, Daniel agent on state cars
Boustead, James engineer plane 10
Boyes, S.C. pattern maker, Johnstown depot
Boyles, John water station Croyles Mill
Bracken, Michael sign w/x, switch tender ‘large viaduct’
Bradley, James finisher, Johnstown depot
Brandon, Patrick signed w/x, laborer(same as Brannon?)
Brannon, Patrick signed w/x, laborer
Brawley, Michael foreman of repairs
Bridges, Joseph foreman Johnstown depot
Brookbanks, Thomas hitcher plane 2, carpenter
Burk, Edward laborer plane 9
Burgoon, Joseph foreman woodshade halfway house
Burgoon, William signed with/x, laborer, halfway house
Burgoon, John C. laborer, halfway house
Burgoon, Jacob laborer, halfway house
Butler, I.N. hitcher plane 6
Butler, William laborer

Last Name, First Name Notes regarding job/payment record

Calhoun, Samuel carpenter repair on planes
Calihan, Amos This record is signed “Geo S. King for the above names as for (?) Foreman woodshed Johnstown
Callahan, Patrick laborer at repairs
Callahan, Thomas striker, Johnstown depot
Campbell, James conductor on state cars
Campbell, John carpenter at repairs
Campbell, William wood hauler, hitcher plane 2
Canney, Charles carpenter on repair of planes
Carroll, John laborer on repairs of planes
Carroll, Thomas fireman plane 4
Carry, David carpenter
Casey, Patrick hitcher plane 5
Casey, William laborer
Casiday, Lewis stonecutter
Cheney, Charles engineer plane 6
Cole, David W. fireman plane 7
Cole, Samuel worked at Jefferson, switch tender
Colgan, Bernard one receipt with only money totals. Odd record, plane 2
Collins, James asst engineer plane 6
Confer, George A. laborer
Connery, Patrick signed w/x, laborer
Conway, Charles hitcher plane 5
Conway, James plane 4
Conway, James fireman plane 2
Corbley, Owen signed w/x, mason
Coulter, Alexander carpenter plane 7
Criste, Robert carpenter summit shop
Crouse, John blacksmith, Johnstown depot

Dailey, Owen signed w/x, laborer- repairs of planes
Daley, Joseph fireman plane 8 (may be Deley)
Dasher, Benjamin hitcher plane 8
Dasher, Levi hitcher plane 7 and 10
Daugherty, Cornelius fireman plane 5
Daugherty, William hitcher plane 3, wood sawyer plane 2
Davis, Philip hitcher plane 10
Dearmitt, James asst engineer plane 3
Delosier, Jesse signed w/x, carpenter summit shop
Dever, William hitcher plane 7
Devlin, John foot plane 1
Diamond, Neil wood hauler
Dickey, MW the Tunnel, switch and water station tender, hitch plane 1
Dignam, John laborer on repairs of planes
Dillon, Samuel asst engineer plane 1
Diver, Philip hitcher plane 3
Dodson, Andrew hitcher plane 6
Donahoo, Patrick hitcher plane 2
Donaghoe, Patrick asst engineer plane 2
Donley, Samuel plane 1
Dopp, John H. asst engineer plane 8
Doran, Francis signed w/x, laborer
Dorran, James laborer on repairs
Dougherty, John hitcher plane 8
Dougherty, Michael machine repairer
Duke, Thomas foreman Hollidaysburg depot
Dunagan, Michael hitcher plane 5 (also Donagan)
Durno, William asst. engineer plane 1


Last Name, First Name Notes regarding job/payment record

Elder, James hitcher plane 5
Elweth, William laborer (multiple entries this spelling -diff from Elworth)
Elworth, William laborer on repairs
Evans, John woodshed Johnstown
Evans, Richard engineer plane 6

Farrell, Barnabas
Farrell, Thomas hitcher plane 10 (also Farroll)
Farran, Neal laborer on repairs
Farren, James fireman plane 4
Farron, Patrick asst engineer plane 7
Fleming, James machine repairer
Fleming, William blacksmith plane 8
Flick, Martin hitcher plane 6
Flinn, Thomas laborer
Fluck, Michael fireman plane 9
Fluck, Thomas asst engineer plane 10
Fluke, John S. foreman of repairs
Foley, Patrick hitcher plane 5
Forrest, John foreman of repairs
Foster, James asst engineer plane 2
Fouse, Jacob laborer
Fowler, John W. carpenter
Fox, John plane 1
Fox, Philip civil engineer, planes 6/8
Fox, William fireman plane 3
Frantz, Samuel K. carpenter

Gailey, John signed w/x, laborer
Galbraith, Archibald switch tender, foot 10
Galbraith, Samuel son of Archibald
Galbraith, Samuel (may be 1 of two with same name), laborer woodshed plane 1
Gillespie, Mark signed w/x, wood hauler, Hollidaysburg?
Gilmore, John M. clerk
Girty, John engineer plane 5
Glass, Augustin asst blacksmith summit
Glass, John plane 4
Graham, Arthur H. engineer
Graham, George asst engineer plane 9
Griffin, James blacksmith Johnstown depot

Hagans, Francis carpenter on repairs
Haynes, Reuben mason
Henderson, John (Johnstown?)
Henry, Harrison hitcher plane 8
Hickey, Patrick mason
Horner, Adam signed with/x, laborer woodshed Johnstown
Horner, Jackson son of Samuel, switch tender, father always signs for him
Horner, Samuel signed “for self and son Jackson ” laborer woodshed Johnstown
Horner, Jacob Jr. switch tender, foreman woodshed Johnstown
Horner, John engineer, Johnstown depot
Horner, Jonas hitcher plane 1, signed w/x
Horrell, Irwin foreman on repairs on planes
Huber(?), John This record in delicate condition, woodshed Johnstown
Hughes, Edward fireman plane 6
Humphreys, William hitcher plane 7


Last Name, First Name Notes regarding job/payment record

Inchoe, John carpenter on repairs
Inite, James carpenter on repair of planes
Irvin, Joseph blacksmith summit
Irwin, Samuel M. Engineer plane 5

Johnston, James plane 1 fireman

Kearnen, Hugh signed w/x, wood hauler, hitcher plane 2
Keegan, Robert laborer plane 8
Kelly, Bernard laborer
Kelly, James signed w/ X, riggers loft laborer
Kelly, Edward Johnstown switch tender, father Michael Kelly signed for him
Kelly, Michael signed w/X witness John Geary, Johnstown
Kelley, William machinest
Kennedy, Charles B. asst engineer plane 4
Kennedy, Dominick hitcher plane 8
Kernan, Hugh hitcher plane 7
Kerns, Stephen switch tender, foot plane 9
Kinney, Peter signed w/x, laborer Johnstown woodshed
Kuntz, Adam carpenter

Latimer, William carpenter plane 4
Leibfritz, Carl asst blacksmith Johnstown depot
Litzinger, Dennis A. carpenter at repair of planes
Litzinger, Robert agent on state cars
Litzinger, William carpenter at repair of planes
Lockhart, Andrew pattern maker, Johnstown depot
Long, Henry hitcher plane 9
Lovely, Henry wood hauler
Lovett, Aaron hitcher plane 9
Lovett, John, Sr engineer plane 9
Lovett, William asst engineer plane 9


Last Name, First Name Notes regarding job/payment record

Magarity, James hitcher plane5
Maguire, Charles laborer
Mahaffey, Cornelius hitcher plane 6
Mahan, James fireman plane 10
Maloy, Hugh signed w/x, laborer
Mansfield, Henry laborer
Martin, David blacksmith Hollidaysburg depot
Mason, Robert G. foreman plane 9 woodshed
Matheus, John foreman woodshed plane 5
Mathews, John (same man as above?)
Mathews, Luke laborer plane 1
McAtamerry, Timothy signed w/x, load woodcars, plane 2
McAtee, John laborer
McBride, Thaddeus finisher, Johnstown depot
McCaffrey, John engineer plane 7
McCarn, Thos. K. carpenter plane 3
McCauliff, Michael hitcher plane 1
McCleery, Samuel plane 6
McClellon, Archebald laborer woodshed plane 1 (same as below?)
McClelland, Archibald hitcher, plane 1
McClelland, Andrew hitcher plane1
McCellan, Stewart hitcher plane 1
McCloskey, Augustus carpenter, repair sheds @ planes
McCloskey, C.K. fireman plane 8
McCloskey, James C. carpenter to repair planes
McCloskey, John asst engineer plane 6
McClure, John plane 1 engineer
McConnell, Augustine carpenter plane 9
McConnell, William plane 3 engineer
McCormick, John hitcher plane 8
McCoy, Augustus fireman plane 9
McCoy, Francis fireman plane 10
McCoy, William S. fireman plane 3
McCullough, John laborer
McCune, William laborer
McDade, Charles signed w/x, carpenter on repair of planes
McDermitt, Augustin switch tender, Hollidaysburg
signature appears “Augustn McDearmitt” and signature appears “Augustine McDearmitt”
McDermitt, John hitcher plane 4
McGarrity, James hitcher plane 5
McGarrity, John carpenter on repair of planes
McGarry, Enoch signed w/x, laborer repair on planes
McGary, Edward laborer tunnel woodshed
McGary, James A. plane 3, laborer tunnel woodshed
McGillin, Daniel laborer repair on planes
McGough, James A. fireman plane 2
McGough, John foreman on repairs
McGougle, J asst carpenter plane 3
McKee, James hitcher plane 10
McKee, Francis hitcher plane 7
McKenna, Francis signed w/x, laborer
McKiernan, Thomas foreman on repairs
McKinzie, John Sr. foreman foot plane 2
McLaughlin, Mark extra labor on repairs
McManerry, Charles can’t read last name, plane 4
McMurtrie, David hitcher plane 9
Miller, Andrew signed AJ Miller, finisher Hollidaysburg depot
Miller, Lewis hitcher plane 8
Mills, John signed w/x, extra labor on repairs
Mock, Peter ranking cordwood
Moreland, Thomas hitcher plane 3
Morton, James laborer
Moses, Adam foreman of repairs
Mulvihill, James extra labor on repair plane 8
Murphy, Bernard fireman plane 7
Murphy, James hitcher plane 4
Murry, Charles carpenter Hollidaysburg depot

Naigle, George signed w/x, carpenter on repair of plane 2
Neason, John laborer laying new water pipes
Neilson, John G. asst supv on repairs of planes
Noel, Joachim fireman plane 6

O’Keef(e), Timothy signed w/x ,witnessed by Geary, note “O’Keefe & others, plane 2"
O’Neil, Francis hitcher plane 2
Ott, Joseph laborer
Ouslow, John B. conducter?

Parrish, Leo wood sawyer foot plane 2
Paxton, Michael carpenter plane 10
Peach, Hugh hitcher plane 4
Pender, John finisher, Johnstown depot
Pitman, Elias hitcher plane 4
Porter, William foot of plane 5 switch tender
Powell, John extra labor on repair of planes
Powers, David hitcher plane 6
Pringle, John G. wood hauler
Pringle, John P. machinest
Purse, William A. carpenter on repair of planes

Quinn, Thomas laborer


Last Name, First Name Notes regarding job/payment record

Rafferty, Francis hitcher plane 6, sign w/x witness Sam Lemon
Rafferty, Frank asst engineer plane 6
Rain, Francis two horses and wagon
Ream, Adam signed w/x witness Geary, switch tender foot plane 1
Regan, Patrick top of paper says Reagan, hitcher plane 3
Reilly, Maurice laborer rigger’s loft
Reilly, Edward hitcher riggers loft
Rhodes, James hitcher plane 8 (also Rhoads)
Riffel, John car conductor, agent
Riffner, Henry hitcher plane 7
Riley, Patrick signed “Patrik Reilley” laborer woodshed plane 2
Riter, Clinton laborer Hollidaysburg depot
Robertson, Abram hitcher plane 10
Roney, Jerome extra labor on repairs plane 8
Rooney, Arthur signed “Athur Runey”, laborer riggers loft
Rofs (?) (Ross?), Nathan laborer tunnel woodshed
Ruggles, John blacksmith
Russell, James asst engineer plane 1
Ryan, James carpenter on repair of planes
Ryan, James signed w/x, laborer (likely not same as above)

Seigh, Daniel carpenter
Shadle, John hitcher plane 9, carpenter
Shadle, Levi laborer
Sharp, Allen plane 3 hitcher
Shaffer, George wood hauler
Shaver, George tunnel woodshed foreman
Shaver, Peter laborer tunnel woodshed
Shaver, Daniel laborer tunnel woodshed
Shaver, George Jr. laborer tunnel woodshed
Shoemaker, Joseph carpenter plane 3
Shoup, Abraham last name difficult to read, switch tender, foot of 1?
Shoup, Abraham wood and waterman halfway house
Skelly, Hugh fireman plane 8
Slater, Josiah carpenter on repair of planes
Slattery William laborer
Smith, Michael hitcher plane 6
Smith, Philip asst engineer plane 5
Snodgrass, John supt
Speilmann, Frederick signed “Frederick Speelman” plane3
Steward, Henry signed “Jas. Stewart for son,” laborer woodshed plane 1
Stewart, Charles Johnstown?
Stewart, Michael switch tender foot plane 1
Steyly, John hitcher plane 7 (also Stayley)
Stiffler, Samuel laborer
Storm, Michael fireman plane 5
Strayer, Reuben carpenter on repair of planes
Sweeney, Patrick signed w/x, laborer

Thompson, Alexander hitcher plane 5
Thompson, Ebenezer C. fireman plane 2
Thompson, Samuel wood hauler, hitcher plane 7
Tittle, John pattern maker, Johnstown depot
Trimble, Gibson engineer plane 5
Trotter, Richard hitcher plane 3

Urban, Francis carpenter

Varner(?), Samuel "Order to that effect” woodshed Johnstown
Vaughn, Benjamin carpenter
Vaughn, William carpenter repairing sheds at planes

Walls, Martin laborer
Walters, Daniel stonecutter, foreman laying new water pipes
Walters, Joseph wood hauler ‘for road’
Wampler, J.C. carpenter plane 8
Ward, Joseph finisher, Johnstown depot
Warner, John signed name barely legible, laborer woodshed plane 2
Watt, James L. hitcher plane 3
Watter, Daniel carpenter plane 6
Webster, William engineer plane 3
Weekland, Edward carpenter plane 1
Westfall, Abraham asst engineer plane 1
Westfall, Ithanmer carpenter on repair of planes
Westfall, James carpenter on repair of planes
Weymer, Peter signed w/x, carpenter on repair of planes
Whaling, John asst engineer plane 5
Whistler, Christian hitcher plane 9
White, Samuel witnessed by Jacob Myers, Johnstown
Wilkinson, Ignatious B. wood hauler
Williams, William J. carpenter summit shop
Wire, Jacob hitcher plane 9
Wymert, John hitcher plane 9 (also Wimert)

Young, William carpenter on repairs

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