VP/VPB-139, Part 3

Plane #32, before crash

Courtesy Will R. Swinney, ARM, VPB-139.

Plane #32 was 1 ½ tons over its weight limit prior to its take off on May 18, 1944. Crewmember of this plane included: Lieutenant Ralph Lowe; Lieutenant Philip “Phil” Brady, Pilot; Blaine “Blackie” E., AMM2c; William “Bill” L. Gorrell, ARM2c; Glenn “Pappy” Green, AMM2c (retrained as navigator); and Ernest “Ernie” Orchard, AMM2c.

Plane #32 after its crash

Courtesy Will R. Swinney, ARM, VPB-139

Plane #32 crashed upon landing on May 18, 1944. The aircraft burned on landing, wounding three of the crewmembers on board. However, all crewmembers recovered.


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