When War Came to Alaska

World War II reached the farthest corners of the globe, including the remote Aleutian Islands. Use our resources to teach your students about this little-known piece of history, including the first Japanese occupation of American soil; the forced internment of Native Alaskans by the American government; and the dangers faced by American servicemen sent to reclaim the islands.

World War II in Alaska

Discover how war came to Alaska, and use our resources to help your students learn to conduct independent research using primary and secondary sources

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historic image of soldiers disembarking from a ship near shore

Unangax̂ (Aleut) Evacuation and Internment

In a tragic and shameful episode, the U.S. government forcibly removed nearly 900 Unangax̂ (Aleut) people from their homes in 1942.

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Mary Prokopeuff of Atka in 1945.

The Battle for Attu

The only land battle in North America during World War II, Attu is westernmost of the Aleutians. Learn why this remote island mattered to the US.

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historic photo of American soldiers disembarking on a foggy beach

Birthplace of Winds, Cradle of Storms

On the map, the Aleutian archipelago appears as a series of stepping stones stretching from Alaska to Siberia.

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View from Mt Ballyhoo, Amaknak Island

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