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Plane on runway with group of men standing in front.
Notice the tarps to help protect this B-26 from bad weather (williwaws).


World War II reached the farthest corners of the globe, including the remote Aleutian Islands. Use our resources to teach your students about this little-known piece of history, including the first Japanese occupation of American soil; the forced internment of Native Alaskans by the American government; and the dangers faced by American servicemen sent to reclaim the islands.

Oral Histories: Discover first-hand accounts from men stationed in the Aleutian Islands, and stories from the Home Front.

Unangax̂ Experience: What was it like for men, women, and children to be forced from their homes, and in some cases, never allowed to return to their villages?

Photo Albums: Views of the Aleutians from servicemen stationed there.

Collections: Artifacts and historic documents from the War.

Publications: Publications by the National Park Service about the Aleutian Islands and World War II.

NPS Articles: People, places, and information about different aspects of World War II in the Aleutian Islands. Topics include submarines; planes; the Kiska Invasion; the Williwaw newsletter series; oral histories and memoirs; and many other topics. Places include Fort Schwatka, Fort Glenn, Dutch Harbor, and others.


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